We are affordable!

  • Our services will pay for themselves with increased revenue from inspections. 
  • Having inspections done monthly creates more eyes on your neighborhood for structural issues.
  • We can help you prevent legal claims by visually inspecting on a monthly basis.

About Us: 

  • We are a Texas owned company with a location also in Dayton, Ohio.
  • We have inspectors nationwide and are ready to serve you. 
  • We are big enough to do the job, yet small enough to give you the personalized attention your company deserves!

How often are there disagreements between neighbors due to violations of a CC&R?  We take the neighbor contact part out of the equation by being the third party for you.

We work closely with the HOA's and Property Management companies to customize your inspection process.  We want to be your partner in making sure your inspections go smoothly.  Our inspections are not cookie cutter.  We work with management members to get exactly the information you are looking for, whether it be for each property individually or across the board (depending on CC&R requirements).  Our proprietary app allows us to customize your experience with us.  Our inspectors have your information out in the field with their eyes constantly open.

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Property Management Inspection Services.  


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Property Managers​ and HOA Board Members:

Our inspections save you money!  Here's how:

  • We are nationwide.  No expenses for offices across the country.
  • No need for employees.  No vehicle purchases, no additional insurance, no employee benefits.
  • We even have our own proprietary software so you don't have that added expense!
  • We cover all your properties nationwide.  Monthly inspections increase HOA revenue!
  • We save you headaches by streamlining the reporting process of violations and decreasing arguments between homeowners and HOA board members.